Anger or Danger










How anger can change the whole concept of a relationship? The whole existence becomes a question. To what extend people can start assuming things and make life difficult for themselves. They start blaming themselves, god, partners, work etc and ends up doing something which will bring them sadness. I guess that is why they say ‘ Anger is one letter short to DANGER’.

Sometimes I feel that I am on the extreme sides of my emotions.I can be either very very angry or very very loving. Is it normal? I don’t know. For me everything should be peaceful and happy. But when I don’t get that, I start taking things in a negative way..very negative way. May be it’s a contribution of some of my life experiences. But can I give that excuse every time I get angry and lose my sensible self? No. I can’t blame my past or present for my acts. It is in my hands how I control my anger and stop the unexpected and unpleasant things to happen.

Anger is a powerful emotion and if not controlled properly, it may destroy everything. Here, I am not trying to scare you but you should definitely get scared. Since this one emotion in human can break a happy life and turn it into a complete disaster for the individual themselves and their closest ones. This anger can create so much doubt and negativity that we can end up taking our or others life.

There is a saying, ‘everything in life has it’s own positive and negative effects’. Likewise, anger can also be useful to people if handled carefully. Studies by Better Health Channel say that this emotion can be useful in motivating a person and making positive changes in life if it’s well-managed.

In today’s world, we can see around that there is less love and more anger. This anger, for not being handled properly, is killing us. why? What has happened to everyone? Is it because of the change in lifestyle of people or what? Killing a student for 5 Rs. change? Shooting a young Toll guy by a political group for asking toll amount?  Brutally murdering a student by pulling her intestine because she was screaming in pain after being raped? Motivating cheap mob to molest a girl by a journalist because she objected on the obscene remarks passed on her by the journalist which made him angry? Really! Has it become so easy for us to kill or abuse people? It is this uncontrolled anger that brings out the animal in them and push them to take such extreme steps.

As said by Underground Health Reporter,

When anger kicks in, our body readies itself to respond to a perceived threat. Our muscles tense…our digestive processes stop…and certain brain centers start firing in ways that alter our brain chemistry.

Unfortunately, nowadays, these strong chemical reactions are inappropriately triggered by minor annoyances—like getting cut off in traffic or being spoken to unkindly. For modern humans, even thinking about a stressful situation can spark a full-blown “fight-or-flight” response.

Talking about examples, we can see it around us all the time. Not getting through a call makes us angry, the printer is not working properly, will make us angry, someone cutting your conversation will make you angry, a girl rejecting a proposal will make the guy angry, a husband hitting his wife because he had a bad day at work, so that’s anger again. Wow! And the list goes on.

All these are leading us to nowhere. We fail to realize that this anger is overpowering our capacity to think in a sane manner. We have become more egoistic, less tolerant, disrespectful towards everyone. And if we don’t stop ourselves, then there will be a day when we would just forget the meaning of Humanity and Love.

When Angry, listen to these beautiful SONGS

Are you angry, learn to tame your anger with these quick tips.

Remember, Life is too short to waste by being ANGRY. Be Happy and Love everyone!!



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