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What is this excitement of beginning a new life?

Just a few months back I wasn’t sure about getting married to this person whom I have known for a year now. We were FRIENDS infact MORE than friends having a good time while not being very clear about spending our lives with each other. We were just ‘friends with benefits’. But now, we are ENGAGED and about to get married.

We both believed in living at the moment and did not really care much about what will happen next. We were happy spending time with each other but somewhere I guess, we were also consciously or unconsciously trying to know each-other. He is actually the kind of person I have always wanted to be with. But, this was my subconscious mind who was echoing the truth to me although consciously I didn’t want to believe it. That’s human nature, isn’t it? Even if you have the best, you still tend to ignore it and look out for just betters. :p And I did the same thing.

When I think about it now, I wonder why was I so hesitant to take the next step? What was I not sure about? We shared the same interest,like having a good conversation, cars, food, travelling, movies, shopping…both of us were also similar on emotional front…he values relationships, he is very loving and kind, cares for both the families, loves me a lot…just like me :).  It was so obvious. I could actually see all of these and still was in denial that something was not matching up. Everything was right in front of me but I did not have the courage to accept it.

May be I was thinking too much about our cultural differences since he is from Karnataka and I am from Assam.(Really!! but why? Since when did I actually care about any such things?) May be I was sure that my parents would not be so happy about this match. So why to get into something which is not meant to be?

After all these over assumptions, unwanted tensions, what came as an ultimate surprise to me is how my parents, specially my mom loved him at the very first meet. My parents have always been very supportive, open minded and have never said no to any of my decisions. So why will they not support me this time? May be I was not thinking too positively at that time.

It started  with him coming with me to airport to receive my parents, than striking a good conversation with my dad about the beautiful Bangalore city, politics, sports and everything else under the sun. My parents immediately developed a liking for him for his intelligence and down to earth nature.They were further convinced when he stood by us during our tough time of my mom’s illness and treatment. Emotions always play a major role in such situations 😛 and we Indian’s are known for it :). I still remember, how he was there for them all the time infact more than me because I had to meet certain professional deadlines and I was not able to be with my parents all the time. But he gave me the space to finish my commitments and compromised on his to take care of them. I realized how much I loved him and how lucky I felt that day to have him in my life.


At times life throws such cards that your entire life is turned around. I knew my life has changed and changed for good. The first question came from my mom, ‘why not him’? I had no answer. Of course why not him?

So finally we are ENGAGED now and this is a very beautiful feeling. And now I would like to answer my own question: What is this excitement of beginning a new life? The excitement is the feeling of being with you all my life!

Loads of love to you hon

Me’s me


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