Life…I must say


Do people really understand what goes on inside one’s mind or life?

I completely agree with this phrase…’put yourself in my shoes and than you will understand’. Nobody can really perceive how the other person is feeling and what has made the person to react in a particular way until and unless we go through the same situation.I guess that’s life.

I feel that with every passing time, my outlook towards life has changed. I was this tiny, shy, not so confident, conservative, loving, kind, polite girl and now I am more confident, egoistic, rebellious, outgoing, risk taker, loving, kind, polite girl. Thank god some of my old qualities still remains with me. So much time has passed by and so many things have happened. I wonder at times, if I would have met my current self 10 years back, I wouldn’t have recognized her. To be more frank, may be I would have hated her. Funny right!

Life shows its true colors with time. Every day brings in a new learning and each learning will either make us or break us. “Life is different from a teacher because teacher teaches a lesson and takes the exam but life takes exam first and then teaches a lesson.”…(by an unknown author). My perception towards life has changed drastically with time. I could have never imagined myself to be how I am today.Things which were wrong for me, seems right to me now. I have learned to adjust with any kind of given situations.

Now I look at things with a different attitude. Rather than being judgmental about a given situation, I try to evaluate the situation and understand the main cause of it. May be this is what maturity is. For me certain situations are as normal as my daily life.

I don’t understand why is it a big deal in our society if an unmarried girl/boy wants to get married to a divorcee? Is being divorced a disease? I don’t understand why live-in relationships are considered as crime? Why sex before marriage is a taboo? Why can’t a girl smoke openly? Why is it that if a girl has good rapport with her boss, she is having sex with him?? Such complications. 

We should not waste our life thinking about some petite issues. Rather we should live it in a way that gives us happiness and makes it more meaningful. It is a wise saying that time waits for no one. Once it is spent, it is gone. We’ve got to be wise in choosing our priorities so as not to waste any of our precious time.

Just by being our self will bring in a lot of difference in our life. And believe me this is so very true. A very well know writer said…I know that I am a distinctive expression of a Creative Force. I am me and there is no one quite like me in the world. I don’t look exactly like anyone else. There are things I can do better than anyone else can do them, and there are qualities and talents that no one else can possess in exactly the same way that I do.  There are thoughts that are my own special revelation. That which makes me ME is personal, unique, and exclusive.  All of this is a reflection of a world and a life within and we should not forget this.

I try to understand myself better with every passing time and I will continue to do this till the end 🙂

Don’t waste your TIME, Life is too Beautiful to be wasted


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