Hello everyone!


So finally after a long unwanted gap, I am here again…to share some of my experiences with everyone. My life journey has been exciting. I loved singing so I started a small band in school at 13, wanted to come on television so acted in a commercial telefilm at 17 and started anchoring at 18, became a print model at 20, started another band in college at 23, travelled around India at 25 conducting corporate events for some of the best brands in world and a corporate anchor at 27.

I have always enjoyed what I have done so far in my life (thankfully). May be because I knew what I wanted to do in my life. The creative line always appealed me. Doing things in a complete different way and make it look awesome at the same time. And I saw that my passion lied in this. I love beautiful and vibrant things. For me everything should be colorful, vibrant, happy. I knew that I was meant to be in a profession which required doing things in a way that brings happiness in the eyes. So here I am, 7 years into advertising, events, PR, communications and marketing and I love my work.

At 29, I have had some of the best experiences as well as the bad ones. Sometimes I feel that I could have achieved lot more than what I have so far. Of course I could have because I feel that you should never be satisfied with what you have done as that will limit your thirst to achieve more.

This blog will be all about travel, food, friends, love, family, fitness and all the random stuffs that I love to do. So let’s take a ride together…!!




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